Writing at Your Best. An English Language Life-Saver for Students and Teachers. Beginner ☼ Intermediate ☼ Advanced ☼ College 写你所能. 藏在口袋里的师生们的时间拯救者. 初学者 ☼ 中级 ☼ 高级 ☼ 大学级


Autori: Smaranda Livescu, Lucian Ioan Livescu

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        The present book—Writing at Your Best. An English Language Life-Saver for Students and Teachers. Beginner ☼ Intermediate ☼ Advanced ☼ College 写作你最好的。 为学生和教师提供英语生活保障。 初学者学院 —by Professors Smaranda Livescu and Lucian Ioan Livescu is a great aid for students and teachers of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English as a Secondary Language (ESL) when it comes to learning/teaching how to produce English written materials.

        The book is primarily intended for Chinese-speaking students of English, yet it can be equally used by teachers and students of all nationalities, just skipping the Chinese ideograms.

        This practical course in composition can be used for students of all levels, starting with beginners up to fluent speakers of English. Short and to the point instructions on how to adapt the materials for different levels are given in the textbook.

        Order Writing at Your Best now and you will have a handy resource for learning or for teaching students how to start, advance, and upgrade their writing skills.

        Mada CAZALI (professor Smaranda Cazan LIVESCU’s pen name), teaches English in Atlanta, Georgia and writes thrillers and detective novels.
        Coresi Publishing House SRL, under its imprint WWW.CORESI.NET, has published the following works by Mada CAZALI:

        ·             Destăinuiri cu scoici şi apă sărată, 2017

        ·             Timpuri, în goană, 2017

        ·             Cercul de foc, 2017

        ·             Writing at Your Best. An English Language Life-Saver for Students & Teachers 写作你最好的。为学生和教师提供英语生活保障。, written in cooperation with her husband; the book is signed by Smaranda LIVESCU and Lucian Ioan LIVESCU, 2018

        ·             Confessions with Seashells and Salty Waters, 2018

        ·             Times, on the Run, 2018

        ·             The Ring of Fire, 2018

        Professors Smaranda LIVESCU and Lucian Ioan LIVESCU have spent half of their life together as a family, and also in the field of education, shaping minds and lives for a better future of everybody.
        Front runners in their profession (teaching English, respectively Mathematics to all ages) but also fully engaged in cross cultural communication and social issues around the world as Members of European Throughout the World Council of Brussels), the two have been building bridges among countries and people for more than 30 years.They actively participated in the creation of sister cities relationships in Europe and USA. Smaranda and Lucian were part of the leading organizing team of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games of Atlanta (Envoys).
        Among other awards and Diplomas (Excellence in Education), the two are life members of the Fulbright Association of the USA, after representing their country, the United Sates, as Fulbright scholars in Latvia (Letonia) where they successfully taught for a year. Professors Smaranda and Lucian LIVESCU have also been declared “Distinguished Visitors” in different countries like Dominican Republic, Morocco, Romania, Latvia, Moldova, and Austria.
        Both taught in China and Saudi Arabia on special assignments (2013–2016). They also founded in Atlanta (USA) The International Union of Romanian Women, UNIFERO Inc., for women of the world, their families and supporters (2007), organization that is active and recognized by governments in Europe and the USA.