Cake Decorating for Beginners. A Practical Guide. A4 format full color edition

Autor: Sophia Notarianni

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    Would you love to learn cake decorating using a straightforward, easy-to-follow practical method? Then this is the book to start. The author of this introduction is a genuine expert in the field despite her young age.
    Book decorating is an art and, like any other art, it needs attachment, care, and complete involvement. Your heart will bring beauty to your cakes and your mind will appreciate proportions and respond harmoniously. The minds of your guests will react in the same way too!
    This is what this practical guide to cake decorating will teach you:

    Tips, Tricks, and Recipes

    • Fondant
    • Cream Cheese Frosting
    • Drip Method
    • Cookies
    • Stencils
    • Paper Decorations
    • Cake Leveling
    • Cake Layering

    Cakes and Cupcakes

    • Beach Cake
    • Chocolate Drip Cake
    • Cat Cupcake
    • Flowerpot Cupcake
    • Beach Cupcake

    The nice pictures that please your eyes with every page make the reading of this book a very enjoyable experience. Grab your copy right now!

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