How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Autor: Carmina Harr
ISBN 978-606-8891-13-2

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    This book gives answers to many of our fundamental questions such as: How can we bring prosperity and success into our life? What shall we do in order to see our thoughts, plans, and dreams put to practice? How do we take life-changing decisions and which are those decisions? How can we discover the emptiness inside and what can we make of it? What is love? Do we really want to be free and if we do how can we can actually attain freedom? What are the soul mate, the healing soul and twin souls? What is the Divine Self? What are miracles and how can we expect them in our life? How do we become happy persons? The author's confession: "I know I may be biased, but when it comes to soul, this could be the most important book you have ever read. It's a bold statement, but the truth is that this book brings the missing link between your desire for inner transformation and the manifestation of the result in the objective world. You have a purpose. You are part of the Creation, and nothing here is useless. Least of all you. And your goal is to live happily and fulfilled and to make everyone around you do the same. Man, you do not even realize what power you have inside you and how much you can accomplish with that power, which comes from your Self. You can obtain everything you want and you can become everything you want to be. So ask ⁠yourself: what do you want to create? What do you want to get? What you want to become? There is huge potential in you. Deep inside you know everything about what you need to do. In you there is the desire to fulfill a dream. What do you have to do? Just trust the God in you, who is always with you in the present moment. He will never leave you and will never punish you or get upset that you will have had the courage to follow your dream. All geniuses allowed the Divine Self to express through them, to create through them, to discover what the mind can not conceive. It is Man who puts into practice what the Divine transmits to him." (Carmina Harr)