Who Is The Soul Mate? Where Do We Find Him? The Invisible World


Autor: Carmina Harr
ISBN 978-606-8798-33-2

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    In her own words… let’s see what her fundamental message is:

    It takes courage to be who you are, how you are! You need courage to throw out of the window all the conditioning and not to care about the things some people consider normal or abnormal. You need courage to stand face to face with yourself and to make peace with all your nuances. But when you do, you get unimaginable wings!

    You have the free will to choose: to go on living your life from the point of view of a regular human perspective, where the single goal is to live feeling comfortable with the roles you are playing, or to realize that your inner world created by thoughts and emotions has a heavy impact on the outer world. 

    Your life may seem a mysterious journey; but, seen from the inside of your heart, it is like a child’s play. 

    Looking around, I have seen unhappy people. Why? Because we are always searching for external confirmation, we are waiting for the people around us to accept us, appreciate and love us. We seem to have the same habit when it comes to the divine force. We believe in an external God, in someone who is going to come and save us from all our problems and sufferings. Probably, most people observe that the situation does not change. The reality we are living in is the same, even if we are doing good deeds, even if we are constantly trying to please the others. We start feeling pity for ourselves and to act as victims, believing that this is the solution for all our inner anxieties. 

    One day I had a revelation that determined me to look even more for the answer to my questions. Something from my inner being was telling me that I was the solution, the salvation and everything I wanted. But how could I believe all these things which I was feeling, when I knew about myself that I was a small, insignificant, worthless human being, without the power to change the reality around me? It felt more comfortable to believe that the external God was dictating the life I was living and to blame the people around me for my unhappiness. 

    It was difficult to accept that I had to release all those beliefs I had been living with, to bring down the walls of my prison, to liberate myself and to become a free person. 

    It was hard to believe that I had created all those situations and the changing of reality depended on me alone. In order to get to be responsible for my own decisions, first I had to work an awful lot with myself. I started to release the past which was not easy. I realized that if I didn’t release the past, I couldn’t live in the present. And if I cannot live the present moment, I won’t be able to create a bright future. I released those people who have caused me so much pain, with love and forgiveness, because I realized that on a spiritual level, out of the biggest love, they behaved like that so that I could find out who I really was, they allowed me to enter the deepest possible into my conscience. 

    In this book I will teach—or rather gradually show—you how you can also find out who you really are and how you can fulfill your destiny and live a plentiful and happy life.

    Carmina Harr