America's Plans for World Hegemony. A Study

Author: Calistrat M. Atudorei
Translator: Adriana Crăciun

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    The book acidly tells us a story of the rise and decline of one of the greatest empires ever—and surely the most prominent empire, as the existing one in our life time. The most prominent and as the statistical abstracts and documents of the US Congress reveal the most addicted of all empires to an old and continuous military interventionism in every corner of the world.

    At the beginning of his book the author lists and examines closely the new and century-old principles and doctrines incorporated into American foreign policy as a combination between diplomacy and war, and almost always the latter being the winner—i.e. American exceptionality, Monroe Doctrine, Teddy Roosevelt’s “Speak Soft and Carry a Big Stick” diplomacy, Show-the-Flag strategic idiom, Gunboat Diplomacy, Truman and Reagan doctrines, the Domino Theory, the neoconservative Project for a New American Century, Bush Jr. Doctrine of preventive wars etc.

    Then, quoting highly qualified American sources, the author shocks the reader as he concludes that “the US is no longer a truly democratic state, but one led by oligarchy, an ‘Elite’ that no longer represent the will of the population.” He also emphasizes with logical arguments the existence of the US “Military-industrial complex,” the Deep State, the Financial Cartel etc. He unveils an America in the twilight zone of secretive planning and leadership, strictly controlled global institutions, wars and neocolonialism in the Middle East, Latin America and East Europe, and of 75 years of Soviet Union/Russia incisive and limitless budgeted strategies of confrontation.

    Basically, in his book Mr. Atudorei exposes a perpetual chain of historical misdeeds having America as its originator: America addicted to militarism; an American militarism addicted to aggression, war and imperial supremacy; 240 years long and continuous American wars addicted to millions of victims; finally millions of victims forgotten by a political propaganda machine addicted to falsehood, deception and lies, and calling invasions, coup d’états and aerial bombings as “humanitarian interventions” bringing peace, freedom and democracy…


    Radu Toma



    When referring to the world hegemony of the US, the author points out that in fact the first victim of such a policy is the American people itself who became captive of more or less hidden centers of power (called in various ways: global oligarchy, the military-industrial complex, the financial-banking elite, etc.), centers that usurped the real power in the state and transformed the democratic political system into a simulacrum for the use of masses subject to sophisticated social engineering.

    Calistrat M. Atudorei shows that the US as an empire with pretention of absolute global supremacy tends to impose its dominance both through non-military wars—cultural, ideological, media, economic—as well as through direct military invasions aiming to punish regimes and nations that do not want to be subjected to them. Working with consistent arguments, the author emphasizes that the plans of subjugation of the whole world are neither recent nor do they relate to the preferences of people who become US presidents. On closer examination, the so-called hosts of the White House appear to us like ordinary puppets in the hands of forces behind the curtain. See in this regard, for example, the current US President Donald Trump’ case, who abandoned his electoral rhetoric, being shaped by the “Deep State” on the line of serving the interests of this all-powerful nebula to the detriment of the American people and peace in the world.


    Iurie Roşca