The Odyssey of the Soul. A Novel

Author: Maria Arginteanu
ISBN 978-606-049-552-9

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    In His boundless goodness and observing the Laws of the Universe, after Adam and Eve were punished and sent away from Heaven, God took pity on the earthlings’ torment.

    He noticed with compassion and indulgence that people wished to regain their place of birth, but they no longer knew how.

    They couldn’t find the path anymore, wandering through a hard, tormented and sad life, full of dangers from everywhere.

    Their horizon was very narrow, limited to the “here and now,” the concrete of matter and senses.

    Their capacities and forces were thus limited only to physical ones, and their lives had become very short, hellish, with few joys.

    The dark veil of lack of knowledge, vision and helplessness had taken them over. Life on Earth was like penance, full of limitations and impotence.

    Following what He observed in the earthlings’ life, He believed that the guides’ help was needed to bring them knowledge, so that they could use the capabilities the Creator endowed them with, to make their lives easier. To show them what they have to do and how to do it, so that in time, beyond the ages, they would reach again the condition they had in heaven, before the original sin.

    At first, God decided to send from another planet, from Venus, to take an earthly body, an extremely creative entity, capable and powerful in all aspects.

    In the end, He found Zeus suitable to help the earthlings punished for the hard and limited life they used to live.

    Zeus, arrived on Earth, noticed the charm of female earthlings.

    After a while, he liked some of them deeming them worthy to be his intimately.

    The union proved fruitful in demigods and demigoddesses. They had the power to create absolutely anything they set their minds to, endowed with different powers and missions.

    Their childhood was rich in knowledge and teachings from Zeus, which far exceeded what earthlings could do and knew.

    Towards adulthood, both their spiritual powers and their knowledge had no limits. They were specialized in different activities or fields of activity. They knew how to make themselves visible and invisible. They used to communicate with entities that had no body.


    The most precious and important thing for the future, before any wealth, was taking care of the children’s education, what they should and should not do, because this would bring them true happiness and fulfillment.

    He explained to them that they would have to pay attention to their mission on Earth and to the education received from birth to adolescence. That everything depends on values and rules of education in order not to degenerate human nature over time, leading to self-destruction.

    The happiness and future of the continent would depend on values they would give to the children. For that, they first had to deal with the intelligence of the heart and only then with the intelligence of reason.

    If they did not do things like that and did not take care of their children properly, in time, sons of Belial would appear, who would bring much unhappiness, He taught them not to let evil have its way, because that would be the beginning of the end.

    Following the course of life, everything had to be passed on to the next generations.

    Find more about that by reading the book.