The Light within Me. Personal Development

Author: Cristina Mazilu, Holistic therapist
ISBN 978-606-049-257-3 (hardback)
ISBN 9798683384296 (paperback): (USA), (Germany)
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    No matter what you look like, you’re a person like me. I love you with all my heart and I am with you. Love has never left me alone, and you have the same love, because, in fact, you are Love. You are divine, and the fact that you are here now is proof that you deserve a wonderful life, full of love, peace, abundance, and harmony. The light within me is the light within you and within everything that is, because we are all One.

    This motivational reading presents, in short, the emotional story of a beautiful soul who finds light in the middle of the darkness of its own journey through life. Finding the path of her destiny, Alma lives her own mission and returns the love she receives, guiding people to heal their lives, to acknowledge the power they have, to look inside them, and to learn to live in harmony with it.

    The Light within Me shows an extremely simple way in which every person can connect primarily with themself, but also with the people around, by consciously living each moment and understanding the power of intention.


    Cristina Mazilu

    Holistic therapist